Landcare group looks forward to exploring great outdoors

By Ivy Jensen

KOYUGA Kanyapanella Landcare group is waiting for the day members can gather and enjoy the great outdoors again.

Merrilyn Cardwell said with the COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the group wasn't able to meet.

“No date has been set for our next Landcare meeting, but we will be back and as always warmly welcome new members,” she said.

Merrilyn said the group's last outing, pre-coronavirus, was on February 27.

“It was the perfect day for members to forego their farm chores and hit the road,” she said.

“Our first stop was the Whroo Forest which takes its name from the ghost town of Whroo.

“What stunning stands of tall grass trees - the ones we knew as kids kangaroo tails or not so PC ‘black boys'.

“They were sometimes also used for sword fights among the local kids.”

Next stop was the Tabilk Eco Trails where a complex web of billabongs features 8km of backwaters and creeks, providing habitats for numerous native birds and animals.

“No trip to Tabilk is complete without a wander through the numerous historic buildings and the extensive underground cellars,” Merrilyn said.

“There was no time for wine tasting though as Karin Sutton had arranged for a guided tour of Day’s Mill.

“This beautifully preserved 19th century flour mill contains one of the finest examples of traditional milling technology in working form in its original setting in Australia and what a mine of information our Parks Victoria guide was.

“Before we knew, it was time to enjoy our trusty organiser Karin’s (aka the nocturnal master chef’s) cake and coffee before heading home.”