RSL President urges locals to stop and think on Anzac Day

April 23, 2018

Graeme James at the Kyabram RSL Hall

KYABRAM RSL president Graeme James has reminded all locals to take some time out this Anzac Day to remember what those diggers gone before us sacrificed for our country.
The Anzac Day ceremony will begin today at 10am at the Memorial Gardens, following the 9.50am march. 
“Today is a day we can say thank you to all the men who have fought overseas and sacrificed so much for Australia,” Mr James said. 
The RSL offers daily support for those who have been directly impacted by the rigors of War, however, Anzac Day gives the whole community a chance to say thank you. 
“We are all so grateful to the diggers for everything they have given up and everything they did for our country, and there is no better way to show our support than on Anzac Day.
“They are the reason we can live how we do today.’’
Mr James has fought himself, in Vietnam, and he said people need to remember the battle doesn’t stop when the War does. 
“The memory of War never leaves you. 
“It is not so much the pain from the War but also the pain that comes afterwards – today we are honoring what these diggers go through on a daily basis.”
Mr James said War veterans would use Anzac Day just like anyone else – a chance to honor those who have fallen. 
“Those diggers would use this day to think about their mates who didn’t come back, how they paid the ultimate price for their sacrifice.
“For me, I think about my father, my mates and their families, anyone who has fought for this great country we live in.”
The Kyabram Anzac Day march will begin this morning at 9.50am across from the hospital and head to the Memorial Gardens for the ceremony. 
“We normally have a really good roll up to the march and we encourage the whole town to once again get behind it.
“It makes for a really good atmosphere when there are big numbers down there and that’s what we are hoping for.
“I want to thank the Kyabram community they have been so very generous in buying our badges that have been on sale around the town.
“Just take a moment out of your day today to think about those diggers.”

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