Faith solves infinite issues

October 12, 2016

Robert Arnold, Pastor, Kyabram Baptist Church.

A recently released film is The Man Who Knew Infinity which is about a young man who saw that most things could be solved through a mathematical formula. His whole life was driven to solve what others thought was insolvable.

He had developed his theory and wanted to have it published. He found a professor in an English university who could possibly help him to publish his work.

However, it was not all that easy. When he arrived at the university as the professor wanted proof that what he established was correct. He worked through insurmountable difficulties to convince the university faculty that he knew what he was on about. He also had to contend with his poor living conditions. He became ill but still he persisted until he had the proof that all the learned experts were looking for. He returned to his home in India and 12 months or so later he died.

Recently I attended a service where the leader read a number of passages of Scripture, one of which was from Lukes Gospel 17: 5- 10 where Jesus is talking about faith sufficient to overcome obstacles.

The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith and he tells them that faith begins like a small mustard seed and if we grow in faith then it is possible to see the impossible being achieved. Unfortunately, the leader of the service brushed this aside as not being very inspiring.

Faith can take many forms: we can have faith or confidence in something working as the brochure indicated; we can have faith in the expectation that others will make good on their promises; and we can have inspired faith in our own ability.

But the greatest level of faith is to put oneself in the hands of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit within us we can achieve great things.

The young man in the story above had faith in what he was doing was achievable and maintained that faith and courage until he achieved what he was looking to prove.

Jesus commended his disciples to have the desire for the faith necessary to enable the disciples to obey his commands. Even a tiny ‘amount’ of faith can do great wonders.

So many great men and woman who have achieved much have attributed their success to the power of God working through them.

How much more could we achieve if our faith in God was strong enough to enable us to achieve what others would suggest is impossible?

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